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As a site builder you are in the best position to profit from our Reseller Program. Our hosting solutions can be easily incorporated in your existing business, allowing you to provide a more comprehensive services to your clients while generating high profits for yourself in the process.

So how much can I earn?

Lets assume you build about 40 sites a year. By providing hosting services, in addition to the usual profit, you will be earning approx. 5,000$ more a year.
But that`s not all!
Thus, while site building fees are usually a "one-time" affair a hosting fees present an opportunity for a long term steady profits. 
Now lets say you designed 40 more sites the year after - You will earn about 10,000$ in hosting fees alone!
And then there always a next year and a year after that...

But I don't know much about hosting, how can I supply such a service?

No problem. We will be doing all the work for you. We will maintain and micro-manage the servers, while  providing you and your customers with stable, fast and safe top notch hosting solutions.

What are the additional benefits?

Well, first of all by providing both site building and site hosting solutions you will be able to make your offer more attractive for potential clients, interested in such all-inclusive services. Also, by taking care of your clients hosting needs you will be able to forge a long term relationships with your customers.

Will I be able to operate under my own brand while keeping my own unique business identity?


Can I  try it before I buy it?

Yes. We offer our resellers a 30 day trial. All you need is your domain name and you are ready to go!

More questions?

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