These are some of the features that will be avaliable to you and to your clients:
Reseller Toolkit
Reseller discount of up to 46% on all of our products yes
Customer management, including mass-communication tools and detailed user statistics yes
Order management system complete with auto billing feature yes
Pricing tools, brand incorporation solutions, auto forms generator and more! yes
General Site Building Tools
On-line interface lets you update your site on the fly, at anytime from anywhere yes
Advanced WYSIWYG ('WORD' like) site design interface yes
Advanced in-site search engine yes
Hundreds of pre-rendered fully customazible designer templates (many provided for free) yes
Full multimedia support - video, audio and more yes
Support for all relevant file types (doc, pdf, mp3 and more) yes
Imbedded contenet support (video, RSS and more) yes
Quick and efficient header & footer design tool yes
Content printing yes
Animated scrolling messages yes
Forum tools & Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) pages yes
Option to restrict access to sensitive areas of a site yes
Site Promotion kit to increase exposure via search engines (SEO) yes
Full multi-language support yes
Virtual Store Features
Store building tools with an ability to publish hundreds of products in just a few minutes yes
Smart product search engine yes
Billing system with full Paypal support yes
Consumer reviews engine yes
Community tools to attract new customers and business partners yes
Mailing list feature including auomatic add/remove engine & SMS system yes
Surveys, Guest Book, Petitions and many other features yes
Automatic forms maker yes
Statistics Applications
Site visitors tracking yes
Information about referring sites yes
Statistics about consumer behavior on site yes
Technical Support
Online tech support center yes
Customer support team yes
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