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Mailing List Bundle - Conduct Fast and Efficient E-Mail Advertising Campaing

There are many of ways to carry out an e-mail advertising campaign. But most of these methods usually have a undesired effect of "spamming" the mailboxes of the recipients, creating negative feeling towards an advertised product.
Still, there is a way to distribute a promotional content via e-mail without risking of being labeled a "spammer". There is just one rule and that rule is simple: "Ask before you send".
Our built-in mailing tool does exactly that, allowing you to mail only those user who explicitly applied to receive your promotional content. By allowing a users full control, we assure that any mail they get is a mail they will see (and will want to see).
This creates a win-win situation. For user it means a steady flow of "good" relevant information, while for an advertiser this means that a promotional effort will always find it`s target, not only making all e-mail campaigns  much more efficient but also minimizing the risk of being labeled a "spammer".

The SMS Bundle
Our SMS bundle subscribers enjoy the privilege of being alerted by SMS whenever they are contacted online. Whether an order is made in their online store or a change has been made in their wiki, anything that requires attention prompts an SMS alert. Another notable feature of the SMS bundle is the ability to notify your sites' community about updates and sales in real time..


mobile phone

Internet Domains

Manage your domains at affordable prices:

  • Manage your domain redirects, configure your DNS and more 
  • Tech support - get any question answered ASAP 
  • Wholesale management - manage more than one domain name from one intuitive interface 
  • Landing pages - create temporary fill-in pages to occupy the domain and inform visitors until your site is ready for public inspection 
  • We allow for secure DNS registration, so that your personal information is kept hidden from public domain ownership info databases
  • Choose from a variety of domain handles: .com, .net, .biz, .org, .name, .mobi, .info, .in, .cc, .tv, .ws, .bz, .mn etc.

Domain E-mail Addresses Bundle

atA unique e-mail address is important for enhancing your businesses image. Our "Domain E-mail Addresses Bundle" allowes you to set E-mail addresses under a name of your choice. For example, if your domain is "", you can set your e-mail address to "", "", or any other handle you desire under your domain.

Our e-mail system is supported by all major e-mail client programs (such as; Mozilla Thunderbird, Microsoft Outlook/Outlook Express, Eudora etc.).

Website Templates

We offer all of our clients access to a wide variety of ready made website templates of various themes.
Some of these templates are free for use, but the premium templates are not.

Should a client of yours (as reseller) opt. to use a premium template, you will be rewarded with part of the commission.

SSL Licenses

LockThe SSL encryption protocol is the basis for secure communications over the Internet. An SSL encryption key+license are required for handling credit card and billing information online, as well for transfers of highly sensitive data (for security reasons, privacy reasons, etc.).

The Software Suite

Our extensive Software Suite makes increases productivity without bloating costs. It consists of all sotware tools needed for; Scheduling, staff and clients administration and E-mail administration.

  • Hebrew language help and interface 
  • Intuitive File Sharing between Software Suite users and user groups 
  • Collaborative Sharing - Shared folders can be accessed by all stuff involved in a project 
  • Send SMS messages en masse 
  • Calender and memo administration 
  • Advanced chat system for user, admins, and any combination thereof 

Bundle Enhancement

plusAlmost all bundles and products can be extended or enlarged.


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