Mailing-List & SMS Bundle

Mass communication tools will allow your clients to keep in touch with their customers. Using our mass-mailing feature they will be able to carry out an e-mail advertising campaigns avoiding an undesired effect of "spamming", as they send mail only to registered recipietns who applied to receive promotional content.
Using SMS distribution system your clients will be able to send thousands of messages "on the fly", notifying their users about new deals, promotions and changes in their site.


The following list details basic price for mass-communication bundle. Everything charged above is your net profit.

SMS Package


500 SMS Messages

36.2 $

1000 SMS Messages

64.9 $

5000 SMS Messages

256.9 $

Mailing-list Package


1000 Mailing-list Messages


5000 Mailing-list Messages

50 $

10000 Mailing-list Messages

80 $

Open your own reseller account now!


  • Each reseller can decide his own prices, in accordance with the price range in the table above.
  • Local customers are charged by the USD($) going exchange rate tax as local law requires.
  • All payments are paid for in full and in advance for the entire duration of the subscription.
  • Local customers can have the payment spread in concordance with the amount being paid.



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