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Internet site development is a dynamic market into which new technologies are incorporated on an almost daily basis. Why should you struggle to make cutting edge features work under your version of run of the mill software (such as Adobe Dreamweaver or Microsoft Frontpage) for clients that won't pay you a penny once theyr'e done with design and need to publish their sites?

Until now, the answer was simple – because that's the way things are done, always have been. But what if we told you there's another kind of website building software? One that's always on the bleeding edge of technology - yet never requires cumbersome update procedures. Software that's intuitive and flexible enough to satisfy even the most demanding pro designer.

And best of all, it handles site storage seamlessly – no more broken links after uploading your result, no micro-managing of logical links and of code – no more not getting paid for your work after your client moved to the hosting phase!

Introducing the sOptions Advanced Content Management System.

So how much money was I losing annually?
Let's assume you design about 400 sites a year. Were your clients paying you for hosting in addition to the design fees, you'll be earning approx. 25,000$ more per year.

Now let's say designed 400 more sites the year after – which brings you to a total of 800 hosted sites – that's about 50,000$/year for hosting fees alone!
But I don't know anything about hosting, how can I supply such a service?
With our Advanced Content Management System you won't have a single worry about storage procedures. With our service, your clients will get the best storage possible and the most cutting edge tools to administrate it.
Only sOptions gives you and your clients:

  • A unique system which enables both you and your clientele to sample it free of charge with a no obligations or restrictions in a 30 day trial
  • On-line debit system
  • A smart management system that saves your client the need to hire a webmaster
  • Ridiculously low prices for both you as a reseller and consequentially for your clients
  • None of our branding anywhere on your site
  • Much, much more

So start cooperating with us to earn the big $$$ you dreamed of!

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