Do you own one or more Websites?

Do you...

  • Own a website and want more traffic!
  • Own a website and want more earnings!
  • Own a website and want to host professionally designed websites!
  • Own a website and want it to rank higher in google! ?

site owners are always on the lookout for new tools to turn visitors into returning visitors. Returning visitors are proven to be the most likely to become costumers, therefore they're a preferred type of site traffic..

sOptions' new system enables our resellers to incorporate a 30 day trial system. This enables visitors to set up a free site on our servers and manage it from your site, making them your repeating visitors!

Of course, the trial sites are controlled from the Advanced Content System, thus exposing the potential patron to its cutting edge advantages.

I don't have the resources to maintain such a system, will you help?

Us at sOptions will take care of storage and technical support on our sturdy servers. When you work with us, you don't have to put in extra
money to get new cutting edge features – only to link them into your site with our system.

How profitable is it?

You write your own paycheck. Should you decide you want your net earning per site to be 70$(USD) and you recruited 300 sites the first year, your business' funds will be augmented by 21,000$ pure profit per year, without taking into account income from any supplementary products or services. Should you recruit 300 more sites the following year you'll have 600 sites making you 42,000$ sheer profit!
It's important to stress that you only choose how much to profit from each site, and that you have no expanses beyond initial fees.

So how do I set it up?

All you have to do as our reseller is enter the interface for managing your site and add the correct tool (should you encounter any trouble tech support is keen to help), instantly enabling web surfers to start setting their sites.
Once set they'll be uploading new materials to their sites, managing them and reading messages on their sites 24/7 – all ensuring that the visitors will now become patrons!

To you this all means...

  • Zero Maintenance/costs site storage!
  • Zero Maintenance/costs technical support!
  • Zero Maintenance/costs system upkeep and upgrades!
  • Zero Maintenance/costs sites updating!

sOptions will handle it for you, and all you need to do is add the appropriate link in your site.


Open a reseller account now!



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